Q. I’ve never worked as a Stripper before, can I work at Bada Bing Nightspot?
A. Yes you can, while experience is preferred it is by no means a requirement.

Q. I don’t have any dancing experience, can I still work at Bada Bing?
A. Yes you can, while experience in dance will help you immeasurably it is by no means a requirement.

Q. I don’t have an RSA competency card, how do I get one?
A. You can get them in a number of ways but we think the easiest is through All Access Training

Q. I am currently living overseas, can I apply to work at Bada Bing Nightspot before I move to Australia?
A. Yes you can submit an application to work here and even conduct an interview via Skype should your application progress. You will need to ensure you have a suitable work/student Visa prior to starting work.

Q. Where can I find more information about Australian Visas that allow me to work at Bada Bing Nightspot?
A. The Australian Immigration Office has a handy tool that allows you to find the Visa that best suits your needs here

Q. I am on holiday and will be in Sydney for 2 weeks, can I work at Bada Bing while I am here?
A. No, unfortunately we ask that any girl who applies to work at Bada Bing be planning to stay in Sydney and work at the club for a minimum of 6 weeks.

Q. How much money will I make?
A. This will depend on what job you take at Bada Bing, be it a Dancer, Waitress or Web Cam performer. We will discuss the specifics of your chosen role if your application progresses to the interview phase.

Q. My Husband/Wife/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner/Parents would like to come to the club to watch over me. Is this ok?
A. No, under no circumstances are any of these people permitted on the club premises. Our security guards are tasked with your safety.

Q. I’m turning 18 in a month/week/day/hour can I submit my application now so I can start work right away?
A. NO! We will refuse any application from girls who are not 18. Current Photo ID is required to be presented during the application process and we will not tolerate any applications from girls who are under-age.

Working at Bada Bing

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We are looking for girls who are interested in working as a waitress or if you think you have what it takes to be one of our famous “Bing Girls” you can apply to be a dancer.

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